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Care & Safety


First things first, these bands will not last forever, but with proper care they can last for quite some time. Please keep this in mind that this is not a quality factor but just the nature of the bands themselves as they are made of a latex material and the elasticity will eventually break.

  • Keep bands in a place where you know they will remain at room temperature. Meaning, any hot or dry settings will cause them to lose elasticity. DO NOT leave them in your car or in direct sunlight for too long.
  • Within reason, do not do any activity in which the bands are being wrapped around something which may cause them to nip or tear.
  • Within reason, do not over stretch the bands. They are not indestructible and eventually will snap.
  • Finally, rock those bands! They were designed to not only be super strong but cute as hell! Use them with the logo facing out like a badge of honor girl!


     LA Resistance is not responsible for any injury or damage caused while using the product or from the product in general. Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise routine and use of this product.

People with latex allergies shouldnt use LA Resistance loop bands. Avoid exercises that involve stretching the LA Resistance loop bands in such a fashion that they may snap toward the head and cause injury to the head or eyes. If these types of exercises are prescribed, protective eye wear should be worn. LA Resistance loop bands are not toys; consult a physician before allowing children to exercise. If you experience sharp pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or lightheadedness with any of these exercises, stop immediately and contact your healthcare provider.
    Do not exercise while experiencing pain. Be sure the LA Resistance loop band is securely anchored to a sturdy object or attachment before using. Do not overstretch the LA Resistance loop band by more than 3 times its resting length. Example: a 12 (30 cm) band should not be stretched to more than 36 (90 cm) total length. Protect the LA Resistance loop bands by keeping it away from sharp objects. Remove rings from the fingers before using the LA Resistance bands. Be aware of long, sharp fingernails.